Mentalist Amazing Arthur

Mentalist Amazing ArthurMentalist Amazing Arthur has taken a different approach to a mentalism show.  Most mentalists want you to think they’re supernatural – Mentalist Amazing Arthur is more interested in making his audiences laugh and have fun.  Yes his mentalism is amazing and will have your group saying, “How did he know that?”.  Mentalist Amazing Arthur will also have your people laughing until they cry – he’s that good!

The Amazing Arthur - does comedy magic, impressive mentalism, original routines, juggling abilities and unique skills that keep him in constant demand for corporate events that require a clean corporate mentalist - magician and entertainer.  His aptitude for constructing a run on sentence is also impressive.

As if that is not enough-Arthur is good looking, quite charming and very modest when writing his own biography in third person narrative format.

Arthur performs up to 120 minutes of original corporate comedy entertainment that is appropriate for all audiences.

Traveling the country entertaining corporate crowds is Arthur's passion.  If you want the best in live variety entertainment, comedy, mentalism, magic and just good old clowning around and fun - contact us today to book Mentalist Amazing Arthur.

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Watch this demo video of Mentalist The Amazing Arthur in action...

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