Comedy Hypnotist Darrin Johnson

Comedy Hypnotist Darrin JohnsonComedy Hypnotist Darrin Johnson -  alluring, entertaining, inspiring, edgy and unconventional: Darrin Johnson's ability to captivate an audience both large and small, with just one touch, is simply mind Comedy Hypnotist Darrin Johnson Street Hypnosisblowing. With a unique talent to tap into the subconscious, Darrin Johnson's approach to hypnosis is truly one of a kind. He utilizes both the power of positive visualization and Subliminal Science to move his participants into a higher level of unconscious thinking. His unique approach, truly allows his participants to "unplug" from the world around them and to tap into their subconscious thoughts, feelings and desires.

As a certified Hypnotist, with a degree in Alternative Medicine, his expertise has allowed him to work with a vast array of clients, including; executives, professional athletes, and students. He has also successfully conducted individual and public workshops.  His mesmerizing demonstrations, from the office to the stage, coupled with his belief that hypnosis is an incredible tool to help change people's lives, by bringing the body and mind into a true state of wholeness, offer both breathtaking and memorable results.

"My shows are more than just entertainment; they allow you to see the power of being unplugged from the World's realities."

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