Comedy Hypnotist Marshal Manlove

comedy hypnotist Marshal ManloveComedy Hypnotist Marshal Manlove is a certified Hypnotherapist, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, founder of First State Hypnosis in Delaware, and a former local sports television show host.  Comedy Hypnotist Marshal Manlove brings a unique and witty twist with him on stage to his hypnosis show.

This is a great way to make your guests laugh or be amazed by predictions, mind reading, and other psychic phenomena for an hour or two at a party, a club, or any other group function. Shows range from G rated to R rated and are crafted according to our hosts desires.

Marshal has been involved with hypnosis and has researched the workings of the human mind since he was a little boy, having been introduced to the craft by his father. For years it was a hobby as his career as a businessman and local television host took center stage.

With success in his other fields he has been able to concentrate on his main passion in life - the mysteries of the human mind and brings the act he has entertained people with for all of these years to the public.

Booking someone for your event who has a deep childhood passion for what they do will make all of the difference between equally talented acts.  Comedy hypnotist Marshal is an accomplished corporate event entertainer you'll be glad you booked.

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