Comedy Hypnotist Terry Gahm

Comedy Hypnotist Terry GahmComedy Hypnotist Terry Gahm is in high demand as an accomplished comedy stage hypnotist and speaker.  Comedy Hypnotist Terry Gahm has an entertainment and educational offering titled, “It’s Amazing! The Minds of America!” is a powerful presentation that exemplifies hypnosis in action.  When people experience Xtreme Power Hypnosis they are happy! His seminar and professional speaking demonstrations include the subjects of drug-free living, success/sales motivation, stress management, habit control, learning/memory enhancement, and his favorite topic, the power of music and humor in life.

Comedy Hypnotist Terry Gahm initiated a full time study of hypnosis and by 1985 became nationally accredited as a Comedy Hypnotist Terry GahmCertified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He immediately began his now legendary career in hypnosis. Gahm was committed to apply his new found wisdom with the same instincts and courage he had followed as a military officer; his way … trusting his own instincts. “After my assignment in Vietnam, and in memory of my father’s life-long battle with psychosis, I committed myself to always find the entertainment factor in every hypnotherapy program I provide. My experiences with my father taught me something I’ll never forget. When we are entertained, we are experiencing that moment in time, and are building new positive memories, not suffering from past negative memories. If I can teach my patients to become entertained while working, in relationships or even through hardships – if I can teach them how to find enjoyment in those moments, by entertaining themselves and others – then they can learn to overcome anything in their lives. The power to laugh in the face of danger, and the ability to discover new enjoyable adventures within our present time circumstances, is truly the most powerful hypnosis in the world. It brings tranquility and faith into most any situation. That is the focus of my life’s work. Once people can learn to hypnotize themselves to see their life that way, they’ll always have a full life and a bright future, no matter what has happened to them in their past.”

Terry E. Gahm has studied extensively, and continues to study with the greats in the world of hypnosis. Mentors like Ormond McGill, Gerald F. Kein, Robert Kennzington, and many others have all contributed their own individual elements to Terry’s incredible and masterful presentation: It’s Amazing! The Minds of America!

Terry loves to explain how he entertains professionally to emphasize his philosophy. “When I do a hypnosis show, my purpose is to demonstrate what incredible power our thoughts have over us. When we focus on things that are positive we can enter any world we want. In fact, any negative experiences we may have had, at that point only provide more motivation to enjoy the present moment for exactly what it is, a better moment in time.” Today, Terry has found his better moment in time. He met and fell in love with his beautiful wife, Lori Sue, and settled down to enjoy a life of contentment. Together they have raised three sons and have become successful and respected business people. Terry’s greatest regret is that he wasn’t able to help his father. “He had so much to offer, if he’d only known how to let go of the past and explore his opportunities in the future, a future he never let himself see. Maybe he too would have been a survivor. It’s a lesson that we can all learn and benefit from.”

Terry’s show, It’s Amazing! The Minds of America!, is a dynamic Hypnosis stage show dedicated to his dad and presented for all the unique people of our great country. Terry E. Gahm offers Joy and Fun for everyone, as he illustrates his message with action, not simple words:  The people of America are the stars and they truly are amazing minds.”

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