Funny Public Speaker Jeff Havens

Jeff Havens - funny public speaker - humorist - mock motivational speaker - Super-Guru - comedy speakerFunny Public Speaker Jeff Havens presents... "Uncrapify Your Life!"  World renowned Funny Public Speaker Jeff Havens delivers a laugh-out-loud hour of pseudo-motivation that will leave you feeling better than you have in years - guaranteed!

Tired of dull, uninspiring motivational speakers? Let's make one thing clear: Funny Public Speaker Jeff Havens is not a real motivational speaker. Not by a long shot. No, "Uncrapify Your Life!" is a spoof of the motivational model, a satirical offering that provides all the wrong advice in a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek fashion. The three pillars of the "Uncrapify Your Life!" program include:

1) Become a better communicator by learning how to more effectively criticize others.
2) Grow as an individual by improving your ignorance.
3) Learn how to handle responsibility by outsourcing blame.

Filled with cheesy acronyms, silly rhyming phrases, audience participation, and all the other elements of a traditional motivational speech, the "Uncrapify Your Life!" program is a great way to provide a message to your business or corporation in a fun, interesting, novel fashion.

Looking for an entertainer with a message? By itself, the Uncrapify Your Life! seminar address issues of communication, education, and responsibility in a fun, lighthearted way perfect for corporate Christmas parties or as a fun alternative to a serious lecture. However, Funny Public Speaker Jeff Havens is perfectly able to tailor his seminar to fit the needs of any client.

Look no further!  Public Speaker Jeff Havens is a professional comedian and still tours nationally at clubs, colleges, and corporations across the country. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt University and former high school teacher, he blends his trademark humor with a message that everyone can relate to and enjoy. He is also the author of six books, including Nine Easy Ways to Uncrapify Your Life!, Reality, and Divine Intervention.

Funny Public Speaker Jeff Haven's demo video...

Funny Public Speaker Jeff Haven's credits and clients include...

Miller Brewing Company, General Electric, GAF-ELK, Kentucky Assn. of Health Care Facilities, Mid-South Workers’ Compensation Assn., Clo-Pay, Keith Hawthorne Ford, AAR Corp., Group4 Materials, Weather-Tek Building Services, Des Moines Dental Group, McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C., Lionhart, LLC, Parkdale Mills, Inc., Waddell & Reed, Littlejohn Engineering Association, Tennessee Farmers’ Cooperative, Heartland Enterprises, Goodrich, TrustBank, Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation, Community Connections, Inc., Iowa 4-H Youth Development, Nebraska Department of Roads, North Central Electric Association, Oregon Library Association, Diageo-Guinness, plus many more!...

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