Live Animal Acts and Shows

The Live Animal Acts and Shows people see at fairs and festivals are available here.  At ProBookings we book some of the most exciting and crowd drawing live Animal Acts and Shows available for Fairs, Festivals and Corporate Event Entertainment.  Whether it be Sea Lions, Grizzly Bears, Wild West Horse Shows, Bengal Tigers, or Kangaroos and more - our Live Animal Shows are guaranteed crowd favorites.

The professionals who provide our Animal Acts and Shows for fairs and festivals have been doing this on a large scale for many years.  The are seasoned veterans known throughout the fair and festival industry as having safe animal acts and shows for both animals and attendees.  They are also showmen - with the skill and knowledge to put on a live animal show that will impress and amaze both young and old.

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Sea Lion Splash

animal act for fairs - sea lion show

Live Shark Encounter

animals acts and shows - Shark Show for fairs

American Frontier
& Wildlife Show

animal acts and shows Great American Frontier and Wildlife show

The Bengal Tiger

animal acts and shows - The Bengal Tiger Encounter

This animal acts and shows is the only traveling sea lion show in the United States. The idea of the sea lion show originated when Squalus started taking in beached sea lions who where unable to be returned to the wild due to age or injuries and unable to provide food for themselves. Showtime! Surfer Joe, trainer and host of the show, takes you through a thirty-minute spell binding show where he brings out the natural comedic behavior of these Sea Lions. The show is geared around educating the audience on the habits and nature of the sea lions with a lot of comedy thrown in... Watch Video of Sea Lion Splash

The Live Shark Encounter animal acts and shows is self contained with its own attractive canopy where patrons can sit in comfort and enjoy the sharks swimming in their specially designed aquarium. The shark show and exhibit combines education and entertainment all presented in a fun and entertaining format. Additionally included is the Great White Shark museum with educational information on the Great White and a replica of the Carcharodon Megalodon Jaws (an ancient meat eating 60 foot shark). The Great White museum also includes video monitors with educational videos and many more artifacts all about these incredible creatures of the sea...Watch Video of the Live Shark Encounter

Our Nation’s heritage comes alive through the excitement the Great American Frontier Show. This animal acts and shows is a tribute to the frontier people and animals that built America! Much more than an extraordinary entertainment package, this show features demonstrations of natural animal behavior, wildlife and environmental conservations, the do’s and don’ts of human interaction with wild animals, while demonstrating the old-fashioned value our ancestors had who founded our great country... Watch Video of The Great American Frontier Wildlife Show

This exotic animal acts and shows production brings you an inspirational and educational program featuring the Incredible Bengal Tiger. On display all hours these tigers are helping to educate the public on the loss of habitat and the killing of tigers for profit in India and Africa. These tigers are loved and protected as well as cared for by loving trainers. They consume 12-14 lbs. of beef or chicken daily and undergo regular medical check ups by a certified Vet. These cats are helping to save the lives of many others in captivity with no other means of survival by raising funds for the Wild Life Rescue Center in N. Ft. Myers, Florida, a “not for profit” organization... Watch Video of The Bengal Tiger Encounter



Aussie Kingdom

animal acts and shows - Aussie Kingdom fair show

Rainforest Experience

animal acts and shows - the Amazing Rainforest Experience

Grizzly Falls
Bear Show

animal acts and shows - Weldes Grizzly Falls bear show


animal acts and shows - Dog Frisbee Stunt Show - Disc-Connected K-9s - canines

The Aussie Kingdom animal acts and shows exhibit will entertain any audience as well as educate them. This exhibit provides many interesting facts about the different species of kangaroos and wallabies, along with native Australian birds such as the kookaburra and rainbow lorikeet. Currently, they have 8 different species of these wonderful marsupials, (pouched animals). The Aussie Kingdom also presents information about the native land and the people of Australia. This is a high impact "WOW" factor program which includes all the animals on display throughout the day for everyone to enjoy the wonderful antics of the animals at play... Watch Video of Aussie Kingdom

The blending of trained exotic animals and audience interaction make the Amazing Rainforest Experience animal acts and shows a warm and wonderful experience. Combining education and entertainment with a large exhibit area that is available throughout the day, the Amazing Rainforest Experience show features over 20 different animals including tigers, cougars, monkeys, parrots and many others. You will have the opportunity to experience animals rarely seen in captivity, including an Asian Fishing Cat. As our two magnificent Bengal tigers make their appearance and demonstrate their natural grace and beauty, we remind the guests about their endangered status. The mere presence of these magnificent creatures will most certainly inspire your guests... Watch Video of the Amazing Rainforest Experienceh

The Famous Welde Family has featured their bears in the animated Disney Movie “Brother Bear”. Also appearances in the movie “The Big Fish” and numerous appearances with Universal, Disney and 20th Century Fox Studios have made them a favorite not only on the big screen but in their many personal appearances. Promoting the preservation of bears, Their Grizzly Falls Exhibit animal acts and shows, complete with water falls and beautiful scenery allows the bears to enjoy a wonderful playtime throughout the day where the public can see their hilarious and inspirational antics as they teach us “Simply by being bears”... Watch Video of Welde's Grizzly Falls Bear Show

Frisbee dog show animal acts and shows; featuring both of the 2010 World Frisbee Dog Champions. This internationally acclaimed professional Frisbee dog touring show is comprised of the largest collection of the best Frisbee Dogs on the planet (including 9 different World Finalists). All of their shows are family oriented; carry a message of fun, athleticism, canine bonding, and promote dog rescuing. Their routines are choreographed to music, defy the normal relationship between man and canine; and leave even the oldest of children with a smile on their face and in their heart. To make it even more interesting; all of the dogs are “rescue” dogs, meaning they have come from either abandoned, homeless, sheltered, humane society, etc. backgrounds. Their individual stories are almost as interesting as their performances. We promise you will be laughing... Watch Video of Disc Connected K9s


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