Mentalist Don Marlette

mentalist Don MarletteMentalist Don Marlette is ever-earning his status as “amazing, stunning and downright baffling".  Mentalist Don Marlette offers Mentalist Don Marlette 2$25,000 to anyone who can prove he employs paid assistants, plants or confederates during his shows.

Up close and while on the stage, Don reveals the thoughts of audience members, plants suggestions in fully aware subjects and dazzles with feats of extraordinary mental abilities.  He even teaches audiences about their own hidden abilities in the process.

Don dismisses any association with the occult and being labeled a psychic or medium. “I can often pick up a single thought or a number of thoughts if the person is tuned to me and willing to open their imagination to receive or project. If they refuse, then I'm totally helpless!” Don maintains that this unconscious, silent communication is within the capability of anyone, once trained and self-sensitized. “Essentially, I apply the power of positive thought, which may be the greatest gift to the human race.”

Don offers a variety of services to help make your event a success that guests can't stop talking about!

Stage Show

This show is perfect as the centerpiece of your party or meeting. Don combines mind reading and comedy in an audience-centered exploration of the mind. This is sure to please the entire group and leave them talking about it for weeks to come!

Strolling Mentalist

This is the perfect alternative when you want to keep the party going strong and make sure everyone has a fantastic time. Don mingles with the crowd and entertains them with mysteries of the mind that take place right under their noses!

Personality/Psychological Readings

These intimate readings are perfect for gatherings of any size where you want to give your guests an experience they will be buzzing about. They will find these personalized psychological readings fun, fascinating and positive. These intimate readings will make your guests feel special!

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