Maximum Velocity Bicycle Stunt Show

maximum velocity bicycle stunt show bmx bicycle stunt show for fairs skateboarding showMaximum Velocity Bicycle Stunt Show is a professional Bicycle, Skateboard and In-line Stunt Team, featuring the hottest riders and skaters in their sport. The Maximum Velocity Bicycle Stunt Show features expert dare devils that perform amazing stunts.

Stunts such maneuvers as "540's," "tail whips," "ice picks," "tooth picks" and other mind-bending, bone-crushing, skull-popping feats -- skying high above a 13-foot-tall, 16-foot-wide half pipe -- one of the largest portable half pipes in the world.  Also featured is a four-foot-high, 22-foot-long box jump from which riders perform even more in-line and bike-bending wizardry, pulling off "back flips," "front flips," "360's," "720's" and other brain-beating, joint-wrenching, heart-ripping stunts.

Although they crave speed and altitude, the Maximum Velocity Bicycle Stunt Show  also craves safety and are fitted from head to toe with all the latest safety equipment -- including state-of-the-art helmets, chest protectors and knee, shin and elbow pads -- and bring their message of safety first to all ages of riders and spectators.

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