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At ProBookings we book Jazz and Swing bands for any type of event and for any venue.  Need a jazz or swing band for your wedding, corporate event, festival or holiday party?... ProBookings is the place to find top talent at reasonable prices.  Review our roster of Jazz and Swing Bands and musicians below, then contact us today to book your event!

Jazz and Swing Bands and Musicians Roster...

Sam Fazio & The Sam Fazio Trio

Sam Fazio Trio

Wenso Ashby featuring Zsame

The Wenso Ashby band - Book them at ProBookings.com

Over the years, Sam Fazio has performed in many local night clubs including Boombala, The Roxy, The Racoon Club, Tommy Gunn’s Garage and Catch A Rising Star. Sam spent time performing in Las Vegas at various clubs including Catch A Rising Star and Bally’s MGM Grand, as well as working in the studio with the Wayne Newton Band.  Sam’s repertoire includes a unique mix of American standards, swing tunes and pop classics. His heartfelt interpretations showcase his soulful, yet classic style... watch the Sam Fazio Trio here Wenso Ashby is Smooth Jazz Defined!  Wenso Ashby, a talented songwriter, producer, and keyboardist is known for his rhythmic inventiveness and collective improvisation.  Wenso Ashby has delighted audiences from coast to coast performing his style of music that embraces hard hitting groove based rhythms with timeless melodies and soulful vocals... check out Wenso Ashby and Zsame here

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